In our effort to stop doing endless shrinkage and work your abdominal area more effectively today we want to share with you a couple of abdominal routines that do not involve a single shrink.

Exactly, not one.

And as if this were not enough, they are designed for you to do in five minutes after any exercise routine you are currently using. So, the next time you’re tempted to do a lot of shrinking, give a chance to any of these fabulous five-minute abdominal circuits.

Abdominal Circuit 1. Climbers and jumps

In this circuit you will alternate variations of the abdominal plate with a few seconds of rope. It is done with descending repetitions in the following way:

– 20 seconds of rope every time you have to do it
– You start with 6 repetitions for each exercise and for each side, then 5, then 4 and so for each round until you reach 1.
– You make a round, rest as little as possible and repeat five more times. We recommend that you do not rest until completing all the rounds

The circuit

1.  Skip the rope 20 seconds
2. Cross climbers
3. 20 seconds of rope
4. Lizard climbers

The exercises

Saltos en soga, 20 segundos.

Jumps on a rope, 20 seconds.

Escaladores Cruzados

Cross climbers

Escaladores LagartijasClimbers Lizards

Abdominal Circuit 2. Swings and push-ups

Alternate between these two exercises

1. Rolling with dumbbells or kettlebells. Rounds of 20 seconds with 10 rest.
2. Yoga Pushups. 20 seconds alternating sides with 10 seconds of rest.

The exercises

Balanceos con Mancuernas

Swing with Dumbbells

Flexiones Yoga

Yoga Pushups

Try doing any of these circuits at the end of your routines or try alternating them every other day to have more variety. Whichever you choose we guarantee that you will get a lot of abdominal conditioning, but much more effective than traditional shrinking every day. Give him the opportunity and tell us how it went.

As always, accompany your exercise routines with proper nutrition. Without it there are no possible results. Train seriously and eat with intelligence.